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Our Services

Gite Bou Naceur and Bou Naceur Sustainability provide a wide range of services to our guests

One last tbt to late May in Azilal
Hiking and Trekking

The Atlas Mountains are vast and remote. We offer access to rarely visited destinations throughout the highest mountains in North Africa. We will give you an experience that will transport you to another time and place, as we summit peaks and sleep in caves used for millennia by Amazigh shepherds.  7 and 14 day packages are available, or contact us to create a custom adventure. 

Backcountry Skiing

Morocco in home to the best skiing in Africa. We provide access to world-class ski terrain that few have ever made turns in before. Come in January for a shot at deep powder skiing high above the Sahara, or enjoy corn snow that can last until June. 

We offer 5 and 10 day tours throughout the winter season, however all booking are subject to cancellation due to weather and snow conditions. Please contact us for further information about our ski tours. 

Mountain Biking and      Rock Climbing 

The Atlas region is also home to incredible Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Caving. Our network of experienced local guides will lead you to the off-the-map locations you have always been dreaming of.  Contact us to arrange a unique experience doing your favorite sport in the Atlas Mountains. 

Cultural Workshops

We offer a variety of cultural and educational workshops around the world. We hope to use this as an opportunity to share with others what makes the Atlas Mountains and the Amazigh people so special. 

Learn to cook Tagine, a traditional Moroccan dish, or weave a rug or a basket. This knowledge has been passed down through generations, and by supporting our organization you are helping ensure that this invaluable traditional knowledge is preserved 

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